Welcome to Hivebound

We are on a mission to redefine collaboration across the global logistics industry.

Our Vision

Our founders launched Hivebound as an answer to the analogue, manual and unilateral systems that the logistics industry operates with today. After months of research and interviews with industry operatives, it was clear that the existing technology was designed for internal use, lacked key logistics functionalities and was inaccessible to the majority of businesses.

Hence, our team set out to build a solution that was collaborative by design and had the capabilities to execute key logistics processes without requiring months of implementation work.

Through creating a simple, multi-enterprise platform we provide the tools to help all businesses digitise their logistics ecosystem.

Meet the team

We are here to support your success

Guido Pagani
Co-Founder & CEO
Zac Da Rocha
Head of Product
Mikey Mo
Head of Engineering
Michele Illuminati
Logistics Operations
Mo Slaoui
Founder Associate
Arnav Barry
Strategy & Operations
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