One single solution for all your logistics
coordination needs

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A powerful toolkit for end-to-end digital
logistics processes

Delivery coordination

Manage the most critical information across all stakeholders

Order Collaboration
Transparent single source of truth to connect and manage your delivery processes
Slot Scheduling
Shared smart calendar to easily schedule deliveries with partners and plan your resources
Dock scheduling to ensure efficiency at your facility
Digitise and automate and your processes to save hours of manual work

Yard execution

Digitise, automate and standardise manual yard processes from gate check-in to unloading.
Yard Management
Smart digital workflows to manage how your external partners check-in, access, and operate within your facilities
Delivery Checklist
Simple operator interface to standardise tasks and consolidate granular ramp data, including delivery documentation and checklists relevant to your processes

Process improvement

Manage relationships and measure performance in your process performance to drive continuous improvement

Issue resolution
A centralised environment and data source to coordinate reconciliations with partners
A powerful reporting suite to generate relevant insights on key KPIs and partner process compliance
A single source of truth for shipment visibility and issue resolution

Logistics collaboration as your next
competitive advantage

Illustrative results based on internal analysis, expert interviews and industry benchmarking


Reduction in operating


Time savings on labour-
intensive processes


Increase in handling
calculate savings

You have questions? We have answers 😀

How is Hivebound different from other solutions?
Hivebound is designed for collaborative logistics around the warehouse, enabling the execution of key operational processes from the point a delivery is scheduled to the point it is put away. This differs from traditional WMS/ERP systems, which do not focus on logistics as their core functionality and are designed for internal use.

Hence, using Hivebound avoids the need for excel spreadsheets, phone calls, emails and other manual workarounds, as well as providing enhanced visibility into key KPIs that other systems cannot provide.
Which systems do you integrate with?
Hivebound has an API, making integrations with ERP/WMS/TMS systems possible. Hivebound also benefits logistics as a standalone product which does not require any integrations, reducing the time for implementation. Deploying Hivebound can also be done in stages, starting with a standalone solution to build processes and then integrating gradually.
How much does Hivebound cost?  
Our pricing information is specific to our Beta programme. For more information, please reach out to us, and a member of the Hivebound team will be able to provide more clarity. 
How do I take part in the Beta programme?  
Our Beta programme is open to a limited number of initial partners and begins in Q1 2023. This includes direct access to our founding team and close customer support to ensure Hivebound benefits your logistics operations. To enquire about joining, please contact us, and a member of our team will be in touch
What is the implementation process?
Implementation timelines vary according to your specific processes but typically take 2-4 weeks, excluding bespoke integrations. This involves mapping out relevant workflows of your operations before onboarding suppliers and deploying the system within your business network.
Will there be any development work required on the customers side?
All the development work will be done by Hivebound, although we may need access to some of your internal systems data to build relevant processes.
How is my data kept secure? 
Hivebound’s features include user permissions to ensure that your data is only seen by those you have allowed access to. For more information about how we handle your data please refer to our privacy policy.
Will my staff require training to use Hivebound? 
Hivebound is designed to be a simple tool with an easy-to-use interface that requires minimal training. Any required training will be provided by us and should not take more than a few hours to complete for all the users. Additionally, recorded training content will be available on the platform knowledge base and a dedicated account manager will be made available.
Hivebound simplifies collaboration between enterprises
A platform that enables total visibility to the entire network
Build efficient digital processes and foster collaboration with your partners on Hivebound
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