Logistics Collaboration Made Simple

Hivebound provides a digital platform to effortlessly build & execute your logistics processes.

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We enhance traceability, control and performance

Avoid miscommunication and unannounced deliveries that put staff under pressure

No more avoidable bottlenecks and blindspots around your yard and ramps

Put an end to reconciling paper documents and fragmented data

The benefits of our platform can be realised by all logistics operators

Third Party Logistics

• Live updates on the status of POs from issuance to put-away of goods
• Track and audit supplier performance through a single reliable data source


• Help customers gain shipment visibility and become their preferred provider
• Track & meet SLAs through faster put-away of goods

Forwarders and Carriers

• Reduce idle times at the warehouse by scheduling a delivery slot
• Simple Driver interface with appointment confirmations, check-in, and digital documents

Across all industries

Third Party Logistics



Wholesale Trade



Industrial Manufacturing

Pharma, Health & Life Sciences

Logistics collaboration as your next
competitive advantage

Illustrative results based on internal analysis, expert interviews and industry benchmarking


Reduction in operating


Time savings on labour-
intensive processes


Increase in handling
calculate savings

Simplicity as a pillar of your digital transformation

We build our solution on a differentiated set of principles

Collaboration By Design

A purpose-built platform that maximises connectivity and engagement in your ecosystem

Plug-and-Play Start

No IT project to get you started, easy implementation completed in only few weeks and low execution risks

User Experience Promise

Simple tools that require minimal training, everyone can use and frontline staff love

ROI-driven platform

Focus on value generation and accessible entry pricing that drive meaningful ROI for your operations

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