A powerful digital platform for simpler supply chain collaboration

Easily connect and manage your modern supply chain ecosystem. Build trusted relationships and efficient digital processes with your partners on a single accessible platform

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Why Hivebound
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Logistics Operators and 3PL
Lead your ecosystem’s digital transformation
Reduce costs, enhance performance and explore innovative digital services for differentiated logistics solutions

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Supply Chain and Logistics Managers
Enhance visibility, control and performance
Simplify coordination, improve issue resolution and unlock powerful technology for a supply chain that meets market needs

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Forwarders and Carriers
Build better processes and relationships with partners
Reduce idle times at the warehouse, improve delivery accuracy, digitise documents for superior efficiency and services

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Modern technology building more trusted, resilient and efficient supply chains

  • Digital delivery

  • Supply chain coordination

Easily connect and engage with your partners and suppliers on a single accessible platform

  • Real-time visibility

Generate superior visibility by easily connecting critical data across your supply chain

  • Yard management

Automate and optimise yard operations with multi-language smart digital workflows

Standardise delivery operations with process checklists and digital proofing

  • API & Blockchain

Improve ecosystem transparency and protection of data on a single source of truth built on powerful technology

  • Advanced reporting

Enhance control and visibility over your operations with insightful reports and real-time KPIs

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A digital toolkit in the palm of your hands

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Meet the team at Hivebound

Guido Pagani

CEO & Co-Founder

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Zac Da Rocha

Head of Product

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Enrico Rossi

Blockchain & Ecosystems

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Michele Illuminati

Logistics Operations

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